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Alarm system on TA900 series

Hey everyone! For sometime now I have been trying to find a way to get an alarm line (secondary fire or security) to work on an FXS ATA of some kind. I have tried Grandstreams, Vegas, Ciscos, and Yeastars to no avail. Recently, I saw someone doing this successfully with a TA9X device and they said they had no issues with it. I went ahead and purchased one for my own testing, but still can't seem to make it work. I have got to be missing something that these alarm systems expect. I have set these up for G.711 ulaw and inband DTMF. I have tried different impedences as well as switching to ground start from loop start, but nothing seems to work. 

If anyone can lend me some advise on how to make this work, or what the alarms want that VoIP can't seem to provide, that would be awesome and highly appreciated!

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Re: Alarm system on TA900 series

Have you tried lowering the baud rate of the interface down to 9600?  I've found that many alarm panels/fax lines struggle with VoIP, but lowering that baud rate has helped me in some cases.  Also enabling modem-passthrough on the voice user account as well as helped.