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Exporting packet capture to specific folder

Is there a way to specify the path for an exported packet capture on a TA9XXe?

These files are export to our capture server from hundreds of TA9XXs and I would like a way to organize the files rather than them being dumped onto the root of the server. 




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Re: Exporting packet capture to specific folder

I figured I'd jump in on this overwhelming response you're getting. I don't think I've ever had anyone answer a question on this forum. Anyway, yes you can specify a path, and you can even authenticate with username and password. The command syntax is export [http | https] <ipv4 address| hostname> [port <path>] [path <path>] [username <username> password [encrypted] <password>]. Just use the context sensitive help to figure out exactly how to enter it if you have to. Below is an example of using https with no authentication to a made up path on a nix server.


packet-capture example standard
export https path /Adtran/3140/example

Re: Exporting packet capture to specific folder



Thanks for responding! I guess I should have been a bit more specific. I export these to a TFTP server. Do you know of a way to export to TFTP while still specify a path?