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FXS no dial tone after switching PRI carrier from Lumen to Comcast

I have a customer who switched from Lumen to Comcast for their PRI circuit. After the cutover the FXS ports quit working. The Adtran 908e is converting the PRI to SIP trunks for a Toshiba IPedge phone system that only supports SIP trunks. No programming changes were made to the Adtran 908e or the Toshiba system initially, so it seems to be something with the Comcast PRI. When I monitor the traffic I see an error message; "407 Proxy Authentication Required" sent from the Adtran to the Toshiba system. It doesn't seem like the Comcast PRI would be the culprit because the error is between the Adtran and the phone system, yet the PRI provider is the only thing that changed. When I first moved the PRI connection from Lumen to Comcast I couldn't make outbound calls. I changed all of the URI table entries on the Toshiba from 4 digit (ie; 1506) to 10 digit (ie; 509-464-1506) and that allowed outbound calling. The outbound calls were intermittent, so I added the 4 digit entries back in, so now I have both 4 and 10 digit entries in my Toshiba system's URI table. This is the only change I made in programming on the Toshiba system. I did change the "local calls" dialing plan on the Adtran to 10 digit because of the new 988 suicide prevention hotline requiring all local calls to be 10 digit now. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Pat

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