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Failed to create New Transaction

Have a few 908e devices doing SIP to PRI. They work fine for a day or two, and then they can't handle more than two simultaneous calls. When that happens I get a 2021.11.24 10:10:08 SIP.STACK ERROR TRANSACTION TransactionCreate - Failed to create a new transaction. on calls 3+ 

Anyone see this before or have an idea what could be causing it? A reboot seems to clear it for a day or two. 

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Re: Failed to create New Transaction

Hello and thanks for posting to the Community.

I commented on the post you made from last week with some instructions.  Reading this one, I would suggest making sure the unit is on a current maintenance release like R13.10.2.  If you are still having issues on this release, follow through with the debugs and open a ticket with Product Support.