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General TA908E question

We are trying to ascertain the configuration of what we are buying exactly and the telco is not particularly cooperative. 

We have two locations with a TA908e supplied by our small CLEC style Telco.  We have a T1 coming into the TA908E for an MPLS circuit and then a SIP PRI to our PBX. We also have ethernet coming into the TA908E for backup we are told.  Also coming out the TA908E is ethernet to our firewall. 

The root cause is that phone call quality is very very poor, choppy. PBX is Avaya IPoffice, brand new.  Telco facilities are Verizon, fiber optic cable plant with fiber to copper equipment in the telephone room. The T1 circuit fails frequently.

Also we are supposed to be able to video conference across a MPLS circuit at 1.5mbs using brand new Avaya CU360 video cameras however that doesn't function (extremely low quality).Should we be able to video conference across a MPLS T1 span and process SIP PRI phone calls?  We cannot.

Is it possible we are supplying backup ethernet to the telco for backup routing over the internet?  Will the 908E sense T1 outage and route calls and traffic over the ethernet?  We have cable modem or Verizon FIOS high speed internet services (good quality).

These are questions we posed to the Telco but we don't feel they are being forthcoming.  Any thoughts are welcome!


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