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Getting Adtran device to manually send traps.

I am working on a project with my company where we are setting up an SNMP server to receive traps from Adtran device. We are in a testing stage right now where we would like to test out a few MIBs pertaining to temperature and fan state. My question is, is there a way to get these traps to be manually generated? Can I do something like configure a lower threshold for system temperature or turn off the fan (if the device has one). I know that a cold boot trap is something that can be easily activated but the only thresholds I have been able to confirm to be able to adjust are T1 (DS1) thresholds and the only things that I have been able to change in the configuration to generate traps are link/line status for for an interface and for DS1 interfaces I can configure a trap to be sent out when thresholds have been reached.

Can anyone (preferable an Adtran rep) confirm how SNMP traps are generated and if there is a way that traps can be sent manually? Thanks in advanced.

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Re: Getting Adtran device to manually send traps.

Joy, unfortunately there is no way to manually generate these traps. As you noted, the traps are generally tied to a specific event or threshold. In order for one to be generated, the event or threshold in question must be met. Thanks


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Re: Getting Adtran device to manually send traps.

Thanks Jay, I appreciate the reply that helps. This can be marked as answered.