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International calling dialplan


New to the forums, I did search around but couldn't find something that matched with what I was hoping to try. I have recently run into an issue with some potential toll fraudsters trying to dial internationally through an Adtran 908e configured with FXS users. I have put in a reject 011-$ statement into the dial plan which has blocked any attempts for those calls to route out through the trunk.

The problem is we still need to be able to dial internationally to Mexico, and only Mexico. I tried putting accept 011-52-$ cost 0 as well as tried 01152-$ in order to allow calls to mexico while rejecting all other international calls, but it looks like even though the accept statements are there, the adtran hits the reject statement and wont allow the call out over the trunk.

The dial plan is currently:

voice grouped-trunk "GROUP 1"
resource-selection circular
trunk T01
accept NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 1-800-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 1-888-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 1-877-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 1-866-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 1-855-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 411 cost 0
accept 611 cost 0
accept 911 cost 0
accept 0-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 10-10-XXX-$ cost 0
accept NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX cost 0
accept *98 cost 0
accept 011-52-$ cost 0
reject 976-XXXX
reject NXX-976-XXXX
reject 1-900-NXX-XXXX
reject 1-976-NXX-XXXX
reject 011-$

Debug when attempting to call Mexico (relevant part I think) 

16:37:30.463 SB.CALL 342 Idle Called the call routine with 011521**********
16:37:30 SB.TGMgr TrunkGroup GROUP 1 rejects number 011521********** based on template 011-$
16:37:30.463 SB.CALL 342 Idle No TRUNK accepted dialed number (011521**********)
16:37:30.464 SB.CALL 342 Idle No LOCAL station matched dialed number (011521****** ****)


Prior to having the reject 011-$ statement all international calls were working. Would anyone have some suggestions on how I can modify the dial plan to only allow calls to Mexico?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: International calling dialplan


There are a few possibilities to solve this particular problem. It might be good if we gave you a call to discuss so we make sure which solution best meets your need. Would you mind opening a Service Request with our team at ? 

Thank you


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