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Memory overflow for contact field R13.10.1.E Total Access 912 (2nd Gen)

I have one R13.10.1.E Total Access 912 (2nd Gen) - decided that use last firmware is best idea

Simple sip register trunk

voice trunk T01 type sip
description "To SIP"
caller-id-override number-inbound supername if-no-cpn
caller-id-override emergency-outbound supername
match dnis "NXX-XXXX" substitute "212-NXX-XXXX"
sip-server primary supersbc
registrar primary supersbc
registrar threshold absolute 600
sip-header-passthrough both
outbound-proxy primary sbc.super
register supername auth-name "supername" password superpassword
authentication username "supername" password superpassword

Look at the sip trace that was made with "debug sip stack messages" - txt in attach

Inside 23:29:05.544 SIP.STACK MSG SIP/2.0 183 Session Progress I received Contact: <sip:19147415555@;transport=udp>
But all packets have to come from SBC ip only.

I decide to make simultaneous log of this call from SBC side and what I see
Contact: <sip:19147415555@;transport=udp>

Of course with this bug Adtran send all responses to and never get those and drop the call.

Progress and first OK in attachment as pictures from sngrep

What firmware is more stable for this gateway?

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