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Multi-PRI sevice CPE with SIP Trunk for Network - Configuration assistance needed


I have a TA908e that I need to configure to service a PBX with (2) PRI's.  I am able to configure this fairly easily, however when the first PRI fills up, I cannot get the 2nd PRI to service the PBX.

I see both "D" channels come up on the PRI's that I have configured, so I know that things are at least partially correct .. what configurations need to be made to allow the PBX to be able to pull from the 2nd PRI when all of the "B" channels on PRI # 1 are full?

- Do I create (1) ISDN group with (2) PRI's in it?

- Do I create (2) ISDN groups each with (1) PRI in each?

- Do I create (1) TDM group with (2) T1's in it?

- Do I create (2) TDM groups with (1) T1 in each?

The rest of the configuration is fairly straight forward ... as I said, this is working up until the PRI is full with all "B" channels allocated.

- I have created the T1's with (1) TDM group

- I have created the PRI interfaces with (1) ISDN group between them

- I have created the ISDN voice trunk with "resource-selection linear ascending" and connected the single ISDN group consisting of (2) PRI's

- I have created the SIP voice trunk and connected my SIP server to it without issue

- I have created the PRI voice grouped-trunk and added the Voice trunk to it

- I have created the SIP voice grouped-trunk and have all of my accepted phone #'s passing through it

- I see all "D" channels up when I do "show interface PRI 1" and "show interface PRI 2"

What am I doing wrong?  When the "B" channels are all full, my PBX reports "all circuits are busy".

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Contributor III

Re: Multi-PRI sevice CPE with SIP Trunk for Network - Configuration assistance needed

Here is a link to the Document you need:

Total Access 9XXe - SIP to dual PRIs sample configuration  If you still have questions post a snipet of the config showing the related parts. You Voice Trunk T0X type ISDN should be connected to the TDM Group 1 the TDM Group should connect to the two PRIs

John Wable

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