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NG-PON2 - OLT received signal

TX bias and the ONT's TX 2020_06_24_18_55_30_Total_Access_5000_TA5000_1.png2020-06-24 18_54_33-Total Access 5000_ TA5000, 1.png


Hello all, 

I have a 1442548F1 inserted in NG-PON2 OLT connected to a 1200488F1C inserted in SDX 602X.  My PON side discovered the ONT without any issue.  I can see the PON(OLT) TX, TX bias and the ONT's TX and RX but not the OLT RX.  Is this normal for Adtran?  In the Calix world, you can see both TX/RX of the OLT/ONT side.  

Thank you in advance!



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