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PRI to SIP with individual SIP registrations per channel

Sorry for the newbie question... I have two Total Access 908e 2nd generation (4242908L1) all running R13.6.0.E. I am trying to configure the devices to talk to two individual Carrier Access, Adit 600s. Each Adit 600 unit provides 48 FXS stations mapped to individual channels over two integrated T-1 circuits within the Adit chassis. The Adit 600’s are connecting error free and handshaking with the TA908e’s without issue.

I have successfully configured one of the TA908e integrated FXS channels and it registers over a created trunk group. Calls pass between the TA908e and the VoIP server as expected without error or audio issues.

Here is where I am stumped: I would like to configure two, T1 spans, so individual SIP/PJSIP accounts are channelized; channel 1 on span one would correspond to SIP registered station 6049, channel 2 to 6050, etc., providing 24 stations on each span and a full 48 usable FXS stations on the Adit 600s over two spans from the TA908e.

I have looked at many examples but nothing has worked as I would like. 

Setup: Adit 600 (T1-1) & (T1-2)--> (t1 0/3) & (t1 0/4) Total Access 908e (eth 0/1)--> VoIP Server (local) 

Thank you in advance for guidance and suggestions.



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