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RDP Lose Connection Total Access 900e


2 - ADTRAN 908E

Point to Point

T1 Sprint

I am using my RDP connection and connection to an external IP address. When I am connected for about 10 seconds, the RDP looses connection and try's to reconnect. This happens the entire session, every ten seconds it pops up. I am able to connect and and stay connected if not using the ADTRANS. I have tested IPCONFIG trace with no disconnect of traffic.

Is there a setting change I need to make to the adtrans to make the connection stable for RDP?

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After a day of testing and troubleshooting I have found the failure point.
COMPUTER -> Adtran (1) -> Adtran (2) -> GW -> Internet -> Sonicwall -> COMPUTER (RDP)

This route connects but loses connection every 45 seconds.

To test where failure point is------------------------->>>>>>>>>

If I remove the Sonicwall I connect with no disconnect.
COMPUTER -> Adtran (1) -> Adtran (2) -> GW -> Internet -> COMPUTER (RDP)

If I remove the Adtrans I connect with no disconnect
COMPUTER -> GW -> Internet -> Sonicwall -> COMPUTER (RDP)

So I feel the Sonicwall has something to do with the disconnects when using it through the Adtrans

Any ideas?

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Re: RDP Lose Connection Total Access 900e

How is your T-1 clocked? If it's a point-to-point, one of the Adtrans should be configured with timing source internal and the other to timing source t1 0/1 (or whichever T1 interface is connected to the other one. It doesn't matter which is which unless there is more than one T-1 involved. Then it can get interesting.

Clocking issues are a common T-1 configuration issue.

T-1 circuits need one and exactly one end of the circuit to generate timing, and the other to recover from the T1 line.