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Ringdown (aka hotline) from CAS T1 channel

Hello, I'm trying to configure an automatic ringdown line (ARD) which Adtran calls "hotline" from a CAS T1 (RBS). The requirement is that as soon as a channel on the T1 is seized, a call is made without any further interaction from the user. There is existing hardware in place that handles the seizing of the channel and it cannot be altered to dial/send digits.

I found configurations with Cisco routers that looks to accomplish this, but we want to stick with Adtran across all sites. The other end of these ringdowns is all good and the reverse path is all fine. The big hiccup is being able to initiate the ARD from the T1. If this were an FXS port or even a SIP user, it's simple, just a "hotline" command, but that's not a valid command for the T1 voice trunk.

I'm reluctant to believe that Adtran cannot do this (at least with the Total Access devices). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if it's a total workaround but accomplishes the same thing with the requirement that the equipment that connects to the Adtran will/can not send digits, it will only grab the line.

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Re: Ringdown (aka hotline) from CAS T1 channel

The E&M Wink (RBS) guide that is linked below states the following: "The way that a DS0 is allocated for a call can be configured to be ‘Linear’ or ‘Circular’. With ‘Linear’ the lowest available DS0 is used. With ‘Circular’, the next DS0 in line is used."



Re: Ringdown (aka hotline) from CAS T1 channel

I agree with this. The Adtran cannot assign ringdown in the way you are requesting.