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SIP Trunk failover without registration possible?

Hi Folks,

I have two SIP trunks going to each of a Provider SBC.  The idea is if one SBC trunk goes down (missing Options) then we failover to the second SIP trunk.

This provider is NOT using registration for the trunk. Is this possible?  the Adtran doc seems to indicate you require registration.


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Re: SIP Trunk failover without registration possible?

Hello and thanks for posting to our forum.

An ADTRAN IPBG will failover for every SIP call after trying the primary sip server first.  So, if the primary and secondary backup sip server are configured in the sip trunk, the ADTRAN will try the primary sip server 3 times (which works out to be 3 seconds) and if there is no reply, the ADTRAN will then try the secondary sip server.  However you have to use registration for validated failover as is mentioned in the documentation.