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SPAN port to concatenate network traffic from 2 other ports

We have an ADTRAN Total Access 900e that's going to have 2 PRI connections coming off of ports T1 0/1 and T1 0/2. Only one port will be 'live' at a time and are run to our High Availability pair of PBXs for hardware and line redundancy (We'll actually have 2 of the ADTRAN Total Access 900e units for a redundant set of PRIs and automatic failover between the ADTRANS). I need to know if it's possible to configure one of the other ports to replicate ALL data from T1 0/1 and T1 0/2 to that 3rd port. On most switches, for example, this is referred to as a SPAN port. The usage case here is that, regardless of which port is actively being used as the PRI line for our phone system, our PRI/T1 line tapper will be able to record all calls because all data will be replicated to the 3rd port. It could also be referred to as port mirroring. Without this feature, we'd have to purchase 1 PRI/T1 line tapper for each T1 port on the ADTRANS and I'd like to avoid that if there's a more simple and elegant solution.

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Re: SPAN port to concatenate network traffic from 2 other ports

SPAN or mirror ports are typically an Ethernet thing, not T1. You'll also have trouble monitoring everything if there are a total of over 23 active calls on both of the T1s. Not a problem in your specific case as only one will be active.

If the TA900 is used to convert from SIP to PRI, you're probably better off sniffing the Ethernet side for SIP/RTP traffic rather than the PRI side for TDM. Any managed switch on the Ethernet side with a mirror or SPAN port can do this, then you can use any of a number of programs to capture and record the calls.