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New Contributor II

Second Dial Tone after Dialed Digits

I am using a TA908e behind an NEC SV9500 VoIP system to provide FXS analog dial tone to a secondary dispatch system.  A user is going off-hook to make outbound call and hears initial dial tone before the dial sequence; once the digits are dialed, the user hears a brief "second dial tone" before getting ring back tone.  The presumption is that the Adtran is kicking back its own dial tone as the dialing sequence is being processed and the call being setup.

Is there a setting in the unit to not offer the second dial tone?  Thanks.

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New Contributor II

Re: Second Dial Tone after Dialed Digits

My 706 produces a fast busy plus dialing the outgoing number. The dialed connection is a zombie (connected, no data transferred). Seems to be a non-documented feature.