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Service Record Failback Behavior

We are testing service records with Adtran 900.  They work as intended, but what I am having issues with is understanding the failback behavior.

If the Adtran registers to the primary everything is fine.  If we block access to the primary I can see the line register on the fail over SBC as expected.  Looking at the PCAP I see nothing out of the ordinary with it failing to the backup.  The problem I am running into is the Adtran always tries the primary first, regardless if that is where the line is currently registering too.  Am I able to program the failback behavior?  I don't want it failing back right away, but would rather wait to ensure that the SBC is stable.  Typically, with a lot of other end points I can configure how long I want it to remain active on the backup, and I'm hoping I can do something similar here.



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