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Setting up FXO Trunk for incoming DID's

We have a business customer that we drop off 4 pots lines and 4 FXO Trunk lines. The FXO lines are connected from our switch to a channel bank then across copper to the customer cisco phone system. Currently the customer has the 4 FXO lines as incoming DID's, we would like to get rid of the channel bank and install this 924e that has FXOs. How do you setup the adtran to receive DID's to the FXOs ports?

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Re: Setting up FXO Trunk for incoming DID's

Did you ever find a fix for this?  I'm trying the same scenario with a 624 MGCP FXO ports and an old NEC PBX.  The current adtran is on a T1 and ports are set as DPT.  I've worked with the provider and not able to get this setup to work.

If needed I could order a 924 with the FXO ports if it will work.