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Setting up SIP to PRI.... my first Adtran appliance

I'm sorry for asking this, but I'm not sure where else to turn.  This has been posted many time, but here it is again.

I was given an Adtran 904 and told to make make it work for a client.  The client is moving from a PRI to our VoIP service, SIP.

I have the Adtran setup and installed at the clients location with a static Public IP on eth0/1 and the pri setup on t1 0/2

I have registeration setup and the trunk shows registered, both on the Adtran as well as my VoIP service, a Broadsoft switch.

I have test numbers setup within Broadsoft but no calls can be made in or out.  If I call in I get "The number you dialed is not in service..."


What can I do to get calls to work in both directions?  Remember, this is my first Adtran, please be kind and use small words. 🙂


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