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Syslog Issues with TA900 GEN2

We have several TA900 Gen2 units now running R12.4.0.E and I cannot get them to send over both the FACILITY and LEVEL information in the syslog packets. We are using Kiwi syslog and every event that comes in from the Adtran only shows the default FACILITY (Syslog) and LEVEL (Info) in the Kiwi syslog table. For additional testing I also configured my Cisco 2960x switch to send syslog messages to the Kiwi server and its packets do include both the FACILITY and LEVEL in the packet (see below).

Here is my current TA900 config for logging:

logging forwarding on

logging facility local7

logging forwarding priority-level info

logging forwarding receiver-ip 172.x.x.x


How can I get the TA900 to send out syslog messages with both the FACILITY and LEVEL information?

Adtran Wireshark

adtan wireshark.png

Cisco Wireshark

cisco wireshark.png

Kiwi Logs

kiwi cisco vs adtran.png



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Re: Syslog Issues with TA900 GEN2

I'm having the same issue running R12.3.4.E.

My syslog server is set to filter based on facility and with the 908's not sending this correctly the messages get dumped.