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T-1 delivery

We have a couple customers that currently have either a PRI or a T-1 in our fiber overbuild area. The FTTH equipment we are using does not do T1's. I was wondering if it  is possible to bring  a T-1 into a 924e and one location and drop it out of a different 924e located at a customer premis. Between the 2 924e would be are core network. 

For the PRI could we change it to a sip trunk from our switch to the 924e and then drop it out as a T1/PRI? If this is an option where do i find some documentation on how to do this?

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Re: T-1 delivery

For your first question, it sounds like maybewhat  you are wanting to do is Pseudowire for the T1 lines? (i.e. Data T1 emulation across ethernet network) Is this accurate or are you talking more about bookending for Voice communication?

If Bookending, then this is a good write up on it. 

As far as bringing a SIP trunk into the TA900e and handing off PRI to a PBX, this is a main funciton of the TA900e series and is used all of the time. Below are some links to documentation on this: 

Re: T-1 delivery

yes, looking at doing the book end solution for the T1 lines using the 924e and 908 or 924e at customer prem. do you have documentation on how to configure this?

Re: T-1 delivery

The TA900/TA900e products do not support pseudowire for T1 emulation. We had a product called the MX408e that did do pseudowire, but it is now End of Life.


I can connect you with an Account Manager to look into other possible solutions. Please send me a private message with your contact information through this board.