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TA916e - SIP Privacy Header to ISDN PRI Calling Party Number Presentation

We are using a TA916e as a voice gateway - SIP (IP PBX) to ISDN PRI (Carrier). 

Occasionally, an IP PBX user would like to restrict the presentation of their Calling-Party Number.  When the IP PBX marks the call as "restricted" it signals SIP to the TA916e that includes a Privacy header and a P-Asserted-Identity header.  We need the ISDN PRI to set the Presentation flag to "RESTRICTED" on such calls.

We can force the calling-party number presentation flag to be always "ALLOWED" or always "RESTRICTED" under the PRI interface as such:

interface pri 1
 calling-party presentation [allowed|restricted]

However, we need the setting of the ISDN calling-party number presentation flag to be dynamic based on the SIP signaling received from the IP PBX.

Suggestions?  Thanks!

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