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TACACS with Web GUI read only?


I've configured a TA 908e with TACACS. SSH users are authenticating and authorizing fine with priv 7/15 access. However, when these same users log into the web gui, they are getting ready only access. Is this supported? How can we get TACACS users admin access to the web gui?



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Re: TACACS with Web GUI read only?

The Adtran AAA guide says not to go there. I tend to agree, configuration by GUI gets messy quickly unless you like your access-lists and the like having random names instead of something sensible. See: page 20, box at bottom.

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Re: TACACS with Web GUI read only?

Yes I've seen that passage, however it states that authorization should have no impact on web gui access, which would be acceptable. However the behavior seems to be different since TACACS users are getting read only access, as opposed to full or admin access. It would be nice to know if this is intentional, or if this can actually be controlled via TACACS attributes, because it doesn't make sense that a CLI user with admin rights only gets read-only to the gui.