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Temporarily turn of debug logging to conosle.

We frequently SSH into the TA908E and use PRI or SIP debugs and I am looking for a command similar to cisco's "term no mon" to leave the debug running but suppress the output from the screen temporarily. I tried "no events" and that does absolutely nothing.

TA908E AOS v11.12.0E

I understand I could do:

debug save

un all

debug restore (later to re-enable)

but I'm trying to ease the move from Cisco to Adtran for the old dudes if possible  😃

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Re: Temporarily turn of debug logging to conosle.

Adtran debug is different from Cisco in this regard. The output streams only to the session that entered the debug command.

My practice is to open two SSH sessions. On one of them I'll do a "no events" and use that as a clean window for command and observation. The second one I'll use for the debug output. If it gets so noisy that it's overrun I can just kill it. This also turns off the debug process attached to the second session. Unlike Cisco it doesn't stay running in the background which is a good thing IMHO.