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Too many sessions allocated

My Total Access 908e (2nd Gen) will often display "Too many sessions allocated" when I am trying to use the web admin.  Its always done it regardless of the firmware version.

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Re: Too many sessions allocated

Mr. Anderson,

This error could be from connections to the web GUI itself, or could be firewall related.  I would typically check the output of "show users" to determine if there are many connections to the unit.  Excessive connections to the unit could be the result if there is a malicious attack against the unit or valid connections are not properly terminated.  If the sessions are firewall related, the first thing to check is to make sure that the firewall idle timeouts are not set unnecessarily high.  You can check firewall session counts using "show ip policy-stats". Feel free to respond with your unit's configuration and the output of the two commands above when you are getting the error message.



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Re: Too many sessions allocated


I went ahead and marked this as assumed answered, but feel free to ask further questions or provide an update.



Re: Too many sessions allocated



Hi - I have the same issue. when running "show users" I get multiple entries for the same user.

Question. why would you get multiple entries for what should be only one?

How can I reset the open connections so that we can regain entry to the box?

Harry Fischer



Thank You