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Total Access 908e 2nd Gen Firmware Reinstallation

I'm having an issue reinstalling the firmware on a 908e 2nd Gen.

I am currently stuck with the message "Timed out waiting on packet" after I set the IP and initiate the copy tftp flash command. What I've noticed is the eth 0/1 port is lit up and my laptop does see a connection.

Is there any way to ping the laptop / tftp server from bootstrap (I've already wiped the system using "erase file-system" prior) to see if the connection is there? Any other advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Total Access 908e 2nd Gen Firmware Reinstallation

1st break the boot mode


ip address
ip route


in config mode, enter this command, this will set your ETH1 to and gateway to after you should be able to get to your machine