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Use HMR to strip off name


How can I remove the user name from the FROM sip header.


From: "Test" <sip:2125551212@x.x.x.x>;tag=dasds3242

In the instance I want to remove "Test".

I looked at the document on the HMR but the few setting I tried didnt give the desired results.

Thank you

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Re: Use HMR to strip off name

Avrom, assistance with HMR is a paid service offered by Tech Support. I would suggest opening a ticket with them to confirm the options you have available. Thanks


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Re: Use HMR to strip off name

I'm 5 years late, but for future reference it's something along these lines, but I'd have to test it: 

Create a ruleset and rule

hmr rule-set StripNameRuleSet
     message-rule StripNameRule message-type request
          match header from match-value "/(From: )(".+" )(<sip:.+)/"
          modify header from position first-match match-value "/(From: )(".+" )(<sip:.+)/" new-value /\1\3/

Create a policy and add the ruleset to the policy

hmr policy StripName Policy
     rule-set StripNameRuleSet 

Then apply that policy for all SIP in 

sip hmr server StripName in

or for out

sip hmr server StripName out