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multiple VLANs on an ONT interface

We are using TA324E active ethernet ONT's to deliver triple play.  We are now starting to get into the hosted PBX deployment, and at the customer location where we want to deploy hosted PBX service, will be an SBC/router (in this case a NV 3140) that would sit behind the ONT.  This router would handle sip voice as well as data traffic.

What I would like to do, is be able to plug one of the router interfaces into an ONT port.  I would then pass the SIP voice and data traffic as tagged traffic from the ONT to the 3140.  Can I pass multiple tagged vlans from the ONT to the 3140 in this manner? 

Additionally, that same SIP voice vlan, I would still like to be able to use that to register a line to one of the FXS ports on the ONT for use as an analog line (for fax, credit card, etc.).

I'm hoping that there is also a way to provision this all from AOE, to make deployment simpler and faster. 

Can this be done?

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