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is n-command still in active development?

I ask the above question because none of the bugs we have reported over the last 12 months have been fixed.  Yes, we are running the latest version 11.2.3-16821.  Every time I inquire with support, the response is negative on a resolution.  It just seems to me this project does not have software development resources assigned anymore.



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Re: is n-command still in active development?

At least it helps that I am not the only one who feels this product is in need of some attention.  Simple things do not work, then we get an "update" that breaks things that used to work.  If I paid for this software I would be upset!  Oh, wait, I did pay for it!  Come on Adtran, you can do better than this. 

As far as support: Yes its plugged in, yes its on 11.3.1.  Yes I know how to schedule jobs... 🙂