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AdTran 411 and Windstream Internet

I'm using an AdTran 411 Micro ONT with Windstream for internet over fiber optics. I'm having an issue in which this ONT will ONLY release an IP for the router that was provided by Windstream (Nokia Beacon 6), yet Windstream claims it should work with any router, computer etc., which I verified with my neighbor who has the same ONT and service through Windstream, and he is using his own router connected directly to his ONT. He even showed me he could connect his laptop directly to the ONT, and still have internet, as his ONT actually releases a valid IP to the connected devices. Yet anytime I try that on my ONT, and I have tried 3 routers, and 1 laptop, I only get the dreaded 169.254.x.x address, which means the DHCP server is not reachable. I have power cycled, and even pressed the reset button for 10 seconds, rebooted devices/computers, but this ONT refuses to work with any device I connect to it, EXCEPT for the provided Windstream router. Windstream promised me they are not blocking my other devices nor have it locked to only work with their router, but they also can't explain why it not working with the other devices either.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I request Windstream to send a tech out to possibly replace this ONT? Can this ONT be accessed via an IP with a username and password?

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