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How do I load firmware on a 1238 that lost its boot Image? Appears to have no TFTP option to reload?

How do I load firmware on a 1238 that lost its boot Image? Appears to have no TFTP option to reload?

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Re: How do I load firmware on a 1238 that lost its boot Image? Appears to have no TFTP option to reload?

Correct, the switches can only support XMODEM on the console interface.  The AOS has to be running to allow TFTP.

This is often the case if the firmware image and possible flash file system is corrupted.


To resolve this issue, you will need to clear the flash memory, reformat it and re-install the firmware. 

The steps to do this are as follows -

   Warning: This procedure will erase the contents of FLASH memory on the AOS device.

   Be sure that you have the proper method to restore an AOS image to the unit before

   continuing.  The AOS image or firmware is available under support on ADTRAN's website.

   The Configuration file is also a helpful item to collect before it is removed.

Since you need to clear the contents of the flash memory on a product running the ADTRAN

Operating System (AOS), this document will guide you through the process of removing all the

files and restoring an AOS image into FLASH memory.

1.  Connecting to the device in “bootstrap” mode:

1. Connect a straight-through serial cable to the console port of the unit.

2. Configure a VT100 session (i.e. HyperTerminal or ProComm) using the following

settings: 9600 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and no flow control.

3. Reboot the unit by removing the power. As the unit boots, you will be given the

opportunity to break into bootstrap mode by pressing the Esc key within 5 seconds. Press

Esc when prompted.

2.  Clearing the contents of flash memory:

1. To clear the contents of flash memory, issue the following command from bootstrap:

bootstrap#erase file-system

This will erase all files in the file-system. Proceed? [y or n]

2. Type ‘y’ and press ‘Enter’. The flash memory will be erased (including the AOS image).

Note: An AOS image must be loaded on the flash in order for the unit to boot. This can be

done via XMODEM as outlined below.

3.  Uploading a new AOS image via XMODEM:

A.  To begin uploading the firmware to the AOS unit’s flash using XMODEM, enter the following command

at the Enable mode prompt:

#copy XMODEM flash

Destination filename?

Where Firmware_Filename is the firmware filename you are using.

Example -

Note - Teraterm or ExtraPutty have Xmodem transfer protocols.

4.  Applying the new AOS image:

1. Once the file has successfully transferred to the flash, issue the following command to set

the uploaded image as the primary boot image:

bootstrap#boot system flash <primary_image_filename> verify

2. After successfully setting the primary image, issue the command:


The AOS product will boot on the new AOS image, and now you can configure the unit.