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Want to Change the External Ring Tone on My Reception VVX-400 Reception Phone

I know this seems to be a Polycom question but I wonder if there's a way in the Adtran 7100...

I have two reception phones for two small companies in the same building.  When the receptionist steps away briefly, I'd like the two phones to have a distinctive ring so that other can hear which company has an incoming call.

Both reception phones are Polycom VVX-400 phones and I've not only set the Default Ring Type (Preferences > Ringtones) on the second company to a different ring, I've also set the Line Ring Type (Settings > Lines > Line 1> Ring Type) to the same setting.  Internal calls do ring with the new ring tone but external calls are still ringing with the original ring tone all the VVX phones use.

My external calls are all SIP trunks divided up by ringing into a virtual extension with a respective DID set to each.  Then, coverage on the virtual extension sends the call off to a ring group that the respective reception consoles are members.  So, for example, DID XXX-XXX-XXXX rings into virtual extension 199 which is covered by ring group 400 of which 100 in a member.

How does one set a distinctive ring for the second reception console?  Is there some way to accomplish this with ring cadence in the 7100?  Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Want to Change the External Ring Tone on My Reception VVX-400 Reception Phone

Alan, if the calls are being delivered from a ring group, please try this:

Configuring Distinctive Ring Tone in AOS Units