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How to get support on Evolution Digital Opensync/Plume Pods

How to get support on Evolution Digital Opensync/Plume Pods


ADTRAN supplied Evolution Digital pods, PN 17600196F1, are alternate OpenSync pods that work on any Opensync network with Plume Pods and ADTRAN SDGs running PlumeOS. Evolution Digital has partnered with ADTRAN to provide another hardware option for any ADTRAN openSync network. If you are looking to onboard a new Evolution Digital Pod, please see this article

Trouble adding your Evolution Digital pod to the Plume cloud? Contact ADTRAN Support.

Support for any Evolution Digital pod specific issue is handled directly by Evolution Digital. The following is a breakdown of Plume Support:

Support Issue Support Provider
Plume Account Issue ADTRAN
Plume Superpod/Powerpod Issue ADTRAN
Evolution Digital Pod issue Evolution Digital - You may need access


You may call ADTRAN for all support needs, but for any issues specific to Evolution Digital Pods, we will direct you to the Evolution Digital support group which is partnering with ADTRAN. An easy line of separation is to identify whether your issue happens with any Opensync device (supported by ADTRAN), or only with an Evolution Digital device (Supported by Evolution Digital). Any combination networks (Plume pods or ADTRAN SDGs running PlumeOS meshed with Evolution Digital Super Pods) will be handled by ADTRAN Support. 

Evolution Digital Support information is below:

Note: You must setup an account for support with Evolution Digital. When your pod order is submitted, ADTRAN will supply username/email information from the order and Plume account system to Evolution Digital. However, if you find you do not have access or need to add another user, there is a process inside Zendesk to complete this. 

Evolution Zendesk Support Center - 

Evolution Support Email -

Evolution Digital Phone - 1-877-504-9626

To create a ticket,  press the (+Add) ticket button and submit details of the case. Suggested details to provide are:

  • Issue summary and complete description
  • Specify you are an ADTRAN customer
  • Plume Partner ID
  • Steps taken to troubleshoot
  • Any pictures, files relevant to the case
  • Firmware version

Description of Ticket types:

  • Incident –An unplanned interruption to service or a reduction in quality of service due to a fault in the equipment or product Evolution Digital provides.
    • Minor incident: Reduced quality of the System, but no immediate impact to the Customer’s business.
    • Major incident: Part of the system not functioning and affecting the Customer’s service in a degraded fashion towards a material set of subscribers.
    • Critical incident: The entire system or critical parts or features of the system not functioning, affecting the Customer’s service towards all or a majority of its subscribers.
    • Unrelated: An incident of any severity that affects operation, but is found to be caused by something else in the customer’s operation.
  • Information Request –A request for information or technical assistance not specifically pertaining to an open incident.
  • Change Request –The addition, modification or removal of anything that could have an effect on the service provided, but is not the result of an incident. This is normally planned work that is typically done during a maintenance window. Requested changes are submitted through the Evolution support portal or via email.

If you have any questions, or are not sure whether your case should go to Evolution Digital, please open a case at and we would be happy to assist you. 


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