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Onboarding an Evolution Digital AP Router/Mesh Beacon to the Plume Cloud

Onboarding an Evolution Digital AP Router/Mesh Beacon to the Plume Cloud


This article explains to onboard an Evolution Digital AP Router/Mesh Beacon to the Plume cloud. If your devices are already on the cloud and operational and you need support, please see this article

NOTE: The scope of this article does NOT include onboarding an Adtran branded Service Defined Gateway (SDG). Instructions for onboarding an Adtran SDG device are available here.

Setting up an Evolution Digital AP Router/Mesh Beacon is similar to setting up a Plume SuperPod. An Evolution device is different in the following ways:

  • It does not currently support Bluetooth technology so you cannot use a mobile phone to onboard devices.
  • Frontline is the operator portal that is used to onboard devices - either ahead of time or at the time of dispersal.
  • The MAC Address of the device must be used to add it to the Plume cloud.


  • Your pod must be in your Plume portal Inventory. This happens automatically when purchased. However, if you notice an issue with claiming the pod, such as "Node Partner ID Mismatch", Contact ADTRAN Support to resolve this. 
  • You must be able to log into the Frontline application. (For EMEA users, use this link)
  • Make sure to have the MAC address for the device available; the Serial Number is NOT used.
  • Subscribers must be configured and onboarded via the Tech Dashboard.


  1. Log into Frontline.
  2. In the top menu, search for and select the subscriber for whom you want to install the pod.
  3. If multiple locations are configured for your network, accept the default Home. This is the only option. If only one location is configured, the location option is locked. Continue with step 9.
  4. If no other devices configured for the account, in left menu, click Pods & Nodes. The pods and nodes landing page appears.


  5. Click Add Node/Extender. The Add Node pane appears.
  6. Locate the base MAC address (not the serial number) on the bottom of the device you want to connect and enter it in the New Node ID field.

Note: Do not enter colons and make sure that all letters are upper case as shown below.


If the device connects to the cloud, a green checkmark appears at the end of the field.

If the device was configured before installation, a red dot appears.

  1. Click the green checkmark. The device is added to the cloud. It may take a few moments for detailed data to appear. A green globe icon appears next to the location name and the IP address appears in the IP field.
  2. On the device you want to onboard, connect the WAN port to the upstream modem so the device connects to the network.
  3. In the left menu, click Tech Dashboard.
  4. If the SSID and Password are not already visible, enter them and then click the green checkmark to confirm entry. Click Close.

The device is ready for use.

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