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Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

SmartRG SR300n and SR300ne CPE Generic Firmware

Firmware packages for the SmartRG SR300n and SR300ne models can be found on this page.

Note: All of the files listed below were released on 03/14/2013 for CFE: 1.0.37-104.9. For more information about the contents of this release, see the Release Notes.

Latest Firmware

Backlevel Firmware

Note: All of the files listed below were released on 01/25/2013 for CFE: 1.0.37-104.9. Older firmware is stored on the GENERIC Firmware Archive page.

Important: For SR350 and SR500 series devices, use only the Complete Image (cfe_fs_kernel) for upgrades from version or earlier firmware. This is due to the CFE difference from previous firmware versions.

Product File System Kernel Complete Image
SR300 CA_PBCA_2.4.2.8_25137_SR300N_fs_kernel CA_PBCA_2.4.2.8_25137_SR300N_cfe_fs_kernel
SR300ne CA_PBCA_2.4.2.8_25137_SR300NE_fs_kernel CA_PBCA_2.4.2.8_25137_SR300NE_cfe_fs_kernel
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