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Valued Contributor II
Valued Contributor II

SmartRG SR550n CPE Generic Firmware

Firmware packages for the SmartRG SR550n model can be found on this page.

For more information about the contents of this release, see the associated Release Notes.

Latest Firmware

Complete Image Release

For 2.6.x branches on Latest SDK:

Firmware is NOT available / not supported for these branches.

 For GA versions for this model, see 2.5.0.x branch firmwares below , including Latest GA for the SR550N.


CA_PBCA_2.5.0.15_6c80d80_SR550n_cfe_fs_kernel (latest GA version) Release Notes

10/12/2017 1.0.38-114.185

CA_PBCA_2.5.0.14_698450e_SR550n_cfe_fs_kernel Release Notes


Backlevel Firmware

The following table lists recent backlevel firmware. Older firmware is stored on the GENERIC Firmware Archive  page.

CA_PBCA_2.5.0.13_519b23f_SR550n_cfe_fs_kernel 11/18/2016 1.0.38-114.185
CA_PBCA_2.5.0.13_519b23f_SR550n_cfe_fs_kernel 06/09/2016 1.0.38-114.185


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