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924e 2nd Gen SIP TLS Supported?

I'm trying to enable SIP TLS on a 2nd Gen 900e, but the commands aren't appearing in version R13.6.0.E.  I dig around but couldn't find any release note or document saying if it was supported or not.  Is it only supported on 3rd gen units?

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Re: 924e 2nd Gen SIP TLS Supported?

You can review the associated Feature Matrix on the Support Community at the link below:

Rows 310, 311, and 312 list "SIP TLS".  On the left column in the NetVanta Router section select the CLEAR button.  In the IP Business Gateway section only leave checkmarks in the 900, 900E, and DISCONTINUED IPBGs & IP PBXs.

The SIP TLS "is not" supported in the TA900 / TA900E 1st Gen and 2nd Gen units, or the TA900 3rd Gen units.

The SIP TLS "is" supported in the TA900E 3rd Gen units, but with some SBC requirements and software release versions.

SIP TLS and SRTP (SIP-to-SIP Trunks) {R13.2.1} SBC only
SIP TLS and SRTP (SIP-to-TDM) {R11.5.0} Supported
SIP TLS and SRTP (Stateful SIP Proxy Only) {R13.1.0} SBC FP Required


Hope this helps.