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FreePBX Migration = No Incalling

So I had some Adtran TA924's working off a legacy FreePBX 13 (chan_sip). I recently migrated to a new FreePBX 15 (chan_pjsip). I created a new Adtran SIP trunk for the new FreePBX, with the correct IP and SIP port (6060). So the FXS ports connected to my analog lines are all SIP registered just fine. And the analog lines can outcall just fine as well. The only issue is inbound calls don't even ring into the FXS ports. And this is calling from a local desk phone. 

Performing a SIP debug on the Adtran I just see a slew of SIP INVITE's and that's it. Could it be related to my using a non-standard SIP port? Any place I saw a reference to 5060 I changed to 6060. 

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