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Sip to POTS multiple numbers per port

We have a customer that is currently using SIP to PRI for their fax finder. It works for the most part, the SIP provider is on net so it never touches the internet. However we are having some issues and they recommended instead of the trunk going to a PBX as a PRI line and then analog stations to the fax finder, we just terminate the numbers to the pots ports on the adtran and bypass the PBX. That is all well and good, but the customer has like 40 DIDs set up for efax. Right now they all just forward to a hunt group in the PBX and the fax finder routes the call based on the called number id to the appropriate efax user. 

How do I set up the 908 so that all 8 ports are A) in a hunt group and B) accept calls from any of the DID numbers that can be sent and C) send the call ID of the DID that was dialed? 

The recommendation was something to do with setting an alias on the user but I am not sure how that will work exactly. 


I have the SIP connection working fine, and the PRI working fine. I just want to understand the config on the pots lines for moving the fax DIDs to that. Additional complexity, I want to leave the voice DIDs on the PRI. 


Thanks in advance for your help. 

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