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TA900 Series - Command execution on track changes - Registration

I have a 2nd Gen Adtran TA916 and I am having trouble with SIP trunk registration in failover situations.


Typically, I have registration timers set at an hour.

I am running into an issue in failover situations where if the device were to fail to it's backup connection, it will not re-register the SIP trunk until the timer expires (I believe this is by design).  This is causing issues because the primary registration server is only accessible from the primary connection, and the backup registration server from the backup connection.  In practice, the router fails over to the backup, but the voice services remain down until the registration expires and it retries.

I am trying to avoid lowering the timers.

I have read that I can use tcl scripts to monitor the track and force the registration, but I have many devices and my main network management servers would likely also lose connectivity to the Adtran routers in this specific situation that I am trying to plan for.


Main questions:

a) Is it possible to run the tcl scripts directly from the Adtran itself to accomplish this


b) Is there some sort of built-in functionality outside of writing my own scripts to just run a command when a track state changes, or specifically to have the SIP trunks re-register on a state change?


Thank you in advanced, 

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