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Atls 550 no ring on POTS lines for outbound calls.

Converts T1 PRI to POTS lines, intermittently on outbound calls the caller doesn't get a ring, the other end gets a ring and can answer the call. They can hear the caller but caller can't hear them. is this a card issue or a chassis issue?

Help appreciated, Happens on lines across multiple FXS-8 cards so I'm leaning towards chassis issue? T1 is clean.




System Info ? Slt Type Menu Alarm Test State Status Rev
System Status ? Slt0 Sys Ctrl [+] OK n/a ONLINE Online D
System Config ? Ntw1 T1/PRI-1 [+] [OK] [OFF] ONLINE Online A
System Utility? Ntw2 EMPTY ONLINE Empty -
Modules ? Slt1 FXS-8 [+] OK [OFF] ONLINE Online B
Packet Manager? Rsc1 EMPTY ONLINE Empty -
Router ? Slt2 FXS-8 [+] OK [OFF] ONLINE Online B
Dedicated Maps? Rsc2 EMPTY ONLINE Empty -
Circuit Status? Slt3 FXS-8 [+] OK [OFF] ONLINE Online B
Dial Plan ? Rsc3 EMPTY ONLINE Empty -
? Slt4 EMPTY ONLINE Empty -
? Rsc4 EMPTY ONLINE Empty -

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