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BSAP 1920 Rebooting Loop


I found a new-in-box BSAP 1920 that I have been trying to get working. The fine folks at AdTran got me a license file quickly, and I was able to get it applied in the vWLAN controller without an issue.

When I downloaded the AP firmware (because that's what vWLAN was telling me to do), it seemed to automate a firmware update right to the AP without any further intervention. After this, the WAP is going into a rebooting loop.

The indicator stages proceed as:

1.) LED indicator will turn amber, pings to the AP stop

2.) All LED's go dark

3.) Power LED will go solid green

4.) Power LED turns amber

5.) Power LED flashes green, pings get returned

6.) Network activity light flashes green, pings return

> Go back to stage 1, and the process repeats

If there is another post addressing this, a link would be great. I didn't find one in my searches. Alternatively, if there is another way to go about resolving this, any pointers would be great.


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Re: BSAP 1920 Rebooting Loop

Duh... forgot to mention that vWLAN is on 2.9.0.HA.

Hmm... I may have 'jumped the gun on this'. After I posted this, I tried the firmware update process again, and now it's stable. Moderator: This post can be deleted, sorry for the trouble.

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Re: BSAP 1920 Rebooting Loop

Vincent Asta,

No problem. I was going to offer that currently if major versions are mismatched (i.e. 2.9.X needs 2.9.X code) then you can run into reboot problems such as this as the configuration may not push to the APs correctly. It's a common problem.

Glad everything is working!



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Re: BSAP 1920 Rebooting Loop

What do we do if we are trying to put a AP 1920 that has not been used in a while and is on an old firmware.  6.6.30  and we are now on 3.7xx

Any suggestions on how to get it updated so we can use it?

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Re: BSAP 1920 Rebooting Loop

Just configure it to point to the controller and license the AP it will pull the latest from the controller if it is set in the templates to use that firmware.