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I have a large number of these BSAP-1920 APs.  They have not been used since around 2016-2018 (estimate) and I no longer have access to the vWLAN instances that were running these. I don't have the admin password or know exactly what version of the vWLAN that was used.  I can't seem to reset these back to defaults since they do not show up in vWLAN (seem to have a static IP) nor can I SSH into them.  Do I have to be running the current version of vWLAN for these units to show up or should they should up in any version?

Also if I do get over this hurdle what should I do before a resell them (I have an interested buyer for all of the units) so that they can get these up and running on their own account/vwlan?


Thank you in advance!

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