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Bluesocket BSAP 1920 Speed Issue

Forgive my ignorance on this particular issue if it is indeed ignorance related, but we have a customer that is complaining about End Device speed issues running through the wireless.

We have all of the radios turned on (a/b/g/n) but can only get 5Mb through to the internet on any one end user. We have tested this with a full network load as well as an empty network load.

The customer noticed this, as is wanting to know why they only see 5Mb through when they have a 100Mb circuit.

Is this something that the access points do by default?

I have verified that we don't have any throttling/shaping turned on and the APs are 19XX series APs so the priority queuing shouldn't be an issue.

We are aware that we need to do an upgrade to our vWLAN system, but currently the firmware is at 6.8.0-9; and this may very well be the issue.

Any assistance on the issue would be appreciated.

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Re: Bluesocket BSAP 1920 Speed Issue


do you see this speed issue on other end-devices/clients too?

How did you test the throughput? With iperf?

It can be a configuration issue. If you look into the bsap firmware release notes, there are several points impacting the performance you should pay attention on.

For example, if you use AES and TKIP encryption together (mixed mode), clients will use TKIP by default, which limits the transmit rate to 54 Mbps.

A good troubleshooting step will be to verify if the throughput problems only occur on 2,4 Ghz or 5 Ghz Radio.