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Locations on BSAP's that shouldn't be there


I'm wondering if I'm just missing something really simple here.

In short, we have a wireless network that has different vLANs on it, 1 for staff, 1 for students and 1 for labs. I'm having an issue where locations that shouldn't be accessible from certain BSAPs are still showing up as active locations even though the BSAP is not part of those vLANs.

Example, BSAP-1 should only have the native VLAN for its ip and the lab vlan and it's fine. However BSAP-2 should only have its native vlan and the staff and student vlan but it also shows the lab vlan even though it's not tagged in that vlan. In fact the vLAN is not even configured on that switch.

It's not affecting any connectivity as far as I can tell, but this just started happening randomly.


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Re: Locations on BSAP's that shouldn't be there


According to how Location Discovery works (you can read more about it in BSAP Location Discovery and Troubleshooting Inactive Locations‌), when an AP is configured to have a specific location (which happens based on what SSIDs it's assigned and the associated roles referenced in them) it will send out a DHCP request on each VLAN when it boots up. If a DHCP server responds back, the AP NAKs the address and then marks it active.

Generally this happens when the AP is plugged into a trunk port and has access to all L2 VLANs. Obviously there could be something else odd that's causing it if you have already checked your switch configuration.

I would suggest opening a ticket with our ADTRAN Product Support team by going to and we would be happy to assist looking at your configuration and checking to see why these locations are active.



ADTRAN Product Support Engineer