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Firmware upgrade from BSC to BSAP-1800 doesnt work


I'm trying to configure a new AP (1800v2) on the existing BSC.

I configured the AP with a fix IP-Adress and static BSC adress. It's configured the same way like an already installed and working BSAP-1800.

Now when I connect the AP to the Network, he connects to the BSC but then stands on a orange Status light. (This means, Software Update)

The current version of the BSC is, and the Firmware version for the AP is 6.5.4-10.

When I add the AP manually under "Wireless - AP" then it shows a red Firmware 1.0.0-9 just below the version 6.5.4-10 at this Access Point.

I'm trying to add this now since hours, but I don't get it. Hope you can help.

Thanks and kind regards


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Re: Firmware upgrade from BSC to BSAP-1800 doesnt work

The firmware version you are seeing, 1.0.0-9, is actually a low-level boot image. The AP will fall back to this image during an upgrade, but it should move on after new firmware is applied. The upgrade process is as follows.

  1. The AP downloads the new firmware image via TFTP.
  2. Once the download has completed, the AP will reboot, and when it comes back up the 1.0.0-9 image will display.
  3. The AP applies the new firmware, and reboots again.
  4. Once the AP returns, the new firmware will be applied.

If the AP is stuck in 1.0.0-9, then it means the firmware file either failed to download properly or could not be applied. You can capture the traffic between the AP and the BSC by logging into the BSC and going to Status> Diagnostics> Traffic Capture. There are quite a few options you can use to narrow down your search, but the most important option is the Ethernet Interface.

If you do not see any traffic, then check any firewalls that might be between the AP and the BSC. Again, the AP uses TFTP to download firmware.

If you do see traffic, check to see if either side is resetting the connection.

You may also want to delete the AP firmware from the BSC and apply a fresh image. Perhaps the current file became corrupted.

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Re: Firmware upgrade from BSC to BSAP-1800 doesnt work


Thank you for your help. You brought me to the solution of this problem.

I tried to upload the firmware on the BSC as a local file first. That way, it didn't load the firmware to the AP.

So I created a TFTP Server where I stored the firmware, and added the link on the bsc. And like you said, the AP downloaded it correctly and installed it

Thanks again.



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Re: Firmware upgrade from BSC to BSAP-1800 doesnt work

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