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Setting up an ISP's static IP address

Hi, I have an SDX810-RG adtran router with comporium as my ISP.

I noticed I cannot play games online due to restricted NAT tyoe. (My ISP isn't the greatest company) I have attempted port forwarding, DMZ, and UPNP, none of them worked. I contacted my ISP and they told me to set up a static IP address with information they emailed me. I tried setting the routers IP address to the one they sent me, (Was this what I was supposed to do?) but this had no effect on my NAT type, meaning I am probably inputting it wrong. 

I looked at other forum posts made years ago, one person needed to set up a static route as the one thing he was missing, I've considered this but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do that in my routers configuration settings. In the settings where I set my IP address, there is also a broadcast section, I'm not sure what to put there. Lastly, my ISP gave me some DNS servers, and I'm not sure where/if I'm supposed to put those, either.

I apologize in advance because I'm extremely new to setting internet configurations.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or missing? Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Setting up an ISP's static IP address


Those are generally the settings you need to try (port forwarding, and UPNP) to the device. Another option is the bridge the device and put your own router behind it that handles those game systems better. 




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