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Adtran SoftPhone randomly disconnects

Adtran SoftPhone randomly disconnects

Have an Adtran SoftPhone installed on a Windows 7 workstation that has been working for over a year, but sometime last week it just started disconnecting a call after 90-120 seconds.  I did a 'debug voice verbose' to capture the traffic between the softphone (Ext 304) to an IP706 (Ext 208) on the same 7100.  I attached the debug (sorry about the extra traffic).  At line 1208 in the debug we see the following:

09:50:12.206 PM.304 Ca:0 call-leg transaction -> Terminated

09:50:12.206 PM.304 Ca:0 SipPM_Connected      ERROR! Transaction terminated (reason = - 1), clearing call.

How do I resolve this issue?7100

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