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USAC HUBB Validation Change - Q1 and Q2 FCC Testing Results



Important Alert: We have an FCC/NPT Testing help page where we are keeping all NPT information. It is highly recommended to login and subscribe to this page for updates by clicking the subscribe button on the top right of the page. As well, please subscribe to this discussion page for updates on this situation.


ADTRAN recently learned that the USAC HUBB validator has been changed to consider missing tests in FCC reports as “passing tests with a result of 0” rather than excluding them from calculations as was done in 2020. Missing test data due to any issue (an error or bug, a reboot/disconnection of a device, or network interruption) is counted in the overall compliance score. This has caused report compliance to fail for some customers due to the lowered scores from missing tests. Per the new HUBB validation rules, these missing tests should have been categorized as errors and included in the report data (Test status = 3).

We are releasing a special version of MOSAIC Device Manager (MDM), version, planned to be released on September 10th (Subject to QA). This version will report the tests as errors along with an error code describing the issue. It is recommended to migrate to this version if you are attempting FCC testing, but it is not required if you do not have missing test data. We have engaged USAC officials so we can ensure earlier visibility to any future changes.

We have also identified and resolved bugs around the NPT functionality that drives FCC testing, and have made several optimizations to the way MDM handles reporting which have resolved issues with missing test data. There will be a following update detailing all the fixed issues by Sept. 10th. Following the guidelines in our NPT preparation and NPT walkthrough articles and ensuring your devices are on the following versions of software will give the best results and realizes many of these fixes and optimizations :


                SR3xx and SR5xx devices         

                SR400ac                                    *


                MOSAIC Device Manager           (when released, 10.7.0 for now)

                DM Plugins release                               -262 or higher


*If using SmartOS on the SR400ac, there is a workaround for an outstanding issue documented here. This workaround will be handled automatically for managed service customers.

ADTRAN will continue to track down NPT/FCC testing issues and is committed to ensuring all testing is as successful as possible.  If you are a managed service customer, we will contact you about a potential MDM upgrade if determined it is needed. You can open a ticket at to have your MDM version and plugins updated. If you are having further NPT/FCC testing issues or have any questions, please contact ADTRAN support and put “FCC testing” in the ticket subject. 



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