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NetVanta 160 broadcasting but unable to connect

Hello everyone,

in this environment we have about 16 APs spread across two buildings with a 1544P as the controller. We were experiencing an issue where on one AP it would randomly stop broadcasting one of the 4 SSIDs it was supposed to be broadcasting. As a result I upgraded the firmware to the recent release. Since then randomly APs throughout the environment suddenly become unresponsive. Meaning you see all SSIDs; you attempt to connect to an SSID, it loads like it's connecting and bam puts you right back on the wireless selection screen aka fails to connect. Only fix I've been able to use it rebooting the singular AP that is having said issue at the given time and then it will work for a day or two till it happens again.

Anyone else have this happening? Another one of my customer's I recently upgraded reported having this issue and I'm just curious if it's something widespread within the firmware.


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Re: NetVanta 160 broadcasting but unable to connect

I am running 4 AP160s from a 3448 and having the exact same issue since updating the APs to

Adding more detail in hope for answers or ideas:

I know I am fighting with interference from other companies in the same area, but only on the B side, A is clear (site survey showed only 2 other companies running A and not in the same frequency).  Since updating to the newest firmware, the APs consistently lock up and stop responding, this has been daily and often more than once a day, requiring a restart before they will function again.  SSID broadcast is also intermittent when this happens, sometimes it broadcasts the SSID but a client will just keep being asked for the passphrase without ever connecting while other times the SSIDs no longer broadcast from the AP.


Re: NetVanta 160 broadcasting but unable to connect

I have the same issue after upgrading,  I will open a case.

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Re: NetVanta 160 broadcasting but unable to connect

I've seen exactly the same issue on 6.9.2 in a single AP, interference-free area.  In one instance where the same SSID was on both radios, it dropped into the "problem mode" on 2.4 GHz but 5 Ghz continued to operate properly.  Interestingly enough the users complained of a coverage problem.  Ha!  Sending various config updates had no effect.  I had to have someone on-site power-cycle the AP to get it to come back up.

Downgrading to 6.5.5-18 has solved this problem for me, but I have seen in other instances where this rev doesn't play nice in high-interference environments.  I have an open case where this came up.  No relevant activity yet.

- Jeff